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Ask MaryJo McGraw Come on in and view the archives of our past visit with MaryJo McGraw.

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Old 10-02-2008, 08:02 PM
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Default Interview with MaryJo

What got you started in rubber stamping and do you remember what your first rubber stamp?

I was very into dollmaking and I went to a show with my Mom. At the show there was a vendor who had small rubberstamps, It turn out to be Picasso Gaglione who owned Stamp Franscisco at the time. I bought a fairy and a hummingbird which I still have today.

How did your rubber stamping hobby turn into an artistic profession for you?

I was working at the Lady and the Stamp out in Placentia CA partime when Elaine Madrid, one of the partners of Museum of Modern Rubber, came in and saw my samples and asked if I would make sample cards for them. It was not long after that that I was demonstrating in their booth at the local shows.

Your first book must have been a huge accomplishment, can you tell us about it?

It was and I loved doing all my books but the first one of anything is special. My first editor came into the Judikins booth at HIA ,at the time I was in the middle of a divorce trying to support my daughter and myself, well he asked who made the cards and luckily I had made almost all of the them. So the signed me a few weeks later and I headed to Cincinatti later that year to work with F&W Publications. They had a real family feel to the company back then and my editor even shot all the photos. It took a week to do the step by step photos and beauty shots which was at that time the shortest photo shoot ever. They loved that and I wrote the text so quick that they signed me for another book before the first one was printed. That started off a ten year book writing gig!

What's next in the near future for you and what would you like to see happening 10 years from now?

Well I have slowed down some in the last few years and enjoy staying home. The traveling got crazy especially after 911 but I do have things in the works as always.My blog keeps me busy and I still write for Altered Arts magazine. We have a local art and stamp show here ( the last weekend of Sept) in the Spokane/ Coeur d Alene area called the Great Art Adventure which we just had this past weekend and it turned out bigger and better this year so I will be very focused on that. I teach here locally quite a bit and still do consulting for JudiKins and produce DVDs with PageSage. I am planning on attending maybe 3 shows a year. this year it looks like Riverside Ca, Portland Or for Heirloom Productions and Stampaway USA for Carmen's Veranda.
I think in the next few years you will see a merging of art and rubberstamping in the stores. The remaining stamp stores in this country are already doing that and more art supply stores are carrying rubberstamp and craft supplies. The store I am at Spokane Art Supply is like that art and craft which pleases me to no end!

Please tell everyone where they can find your DVD's and books online.

Go to my blog ( and click on the Amazon banner. My books are going out of print quickly so hurry!!!!!
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Old 10-03-2008, 07:10 AM
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BTW your questions can be art related in any medium not just stamping and paper!
I will be back online tonight!!!!!
Thanks for the fun


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