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My hubby is that same way, we are fortunate women! I was debating the Cameo for months, He told me to order it but I wanted to consider it longer...I know what you mean. I did finally get the Cameo last month.

I ordered the MISTI from SweetPetunia...and also ordered the cleaner so there is no risk of the plates cracking due to the wrong chemicals. A damp cloth or an alcohol free baby wipe is good, too.

I made one similar ( but made with a stamp case that Stampin UP puts their stamps in and it worked great, used painters tape rather than magnets to hold down the paper. I still use painters tape sometimes as the paper can slip from under the magnets, which are very strong and will pinch you. Also, keep those magnets away from your small electronics.

After using the DIY stamping tool for a while, I 'invested' in the MISTI. There is another option on etsy for a less expensive one it is called the StampeRor.

It is a bite to spend that much as we all try to be cost effective in our purchases but I found it to be a quality investment....about what you would spend on a stamp set and matching die set.

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