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Originally Posted by Juanita2343 View Post
I will be using a pine like wood and drying time is an issue.
Juanita, if you used acrylic paints with your stamps, instead of inks, they dry fast. Is that an option?? I often use paints by applying to the stamp with a triangle make-up sponge. Squirt a dime-size puddle onto a waxy paper, then dab the blunt end of your sponge into the puddle. Tap up and down with the sponge off to the side to load your sponge well. Then "ink" your stamp. Because of the wide variety of colors and especially, metallics, you get a broader range than with inks - and a whole lot less expensive, too.

One caveat: you must quickly also wash your stamps. Usually I add a drop of "Extender" to my puddle and mix before tapping with the sponge, but that's because I want the open time to be longer so I don't have to worry about washing the stamps immediately. If you don't add extender, then washing your stamps quickly is important to get the paint off right away.

The paint coverage is excellent, it dries fast, and you don't have to heat-set.

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