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Originally Posted by stampin stacy View Post
What inks should one not use on glossy cardstock or are there certain types of glossy that don't work as well, another words issues with them not absorbing and drying properly.
If you're going for a transparent layered look, you would avoid pigment inks on glossy paper.

I'm not an authority on paper and ink combinations because there are so many different brands of inks out there these days so if anyone else can add their thoughts, that would be great.

What I've found, on occasion with certain brands of inks with certain papers, was that if I layered multiple inks down for my background colors and stamped my images on top of those colors the impressions would "run" (blur) upon drying. There's an easy remedy to this, however, in that one could simply apply a sealant to the inks before they dried. I like using something like an art spray fixative or an acrylic type of spray on the top of my scenes anyway as I like the saturated appearance they give to the inks so spraying inks before they dry isn't a big deal. I have a little paragraph devoted to these sprays here:

Oh, Judikins has that rub on sealant (I forgot the name) that also works well.

Other types of inks --if you're doing a multiple thick ink layering technique-- might be too thick to apply upon one of the consecutive layers. For example, I love using thicker brands of inks such as Ranger or the Mementos for my first couple layers of colors because they provide a nice foundation for any other brands of inks. They almost provide a "lubricated" semi-sealed surface to the paper which makes the inks easy to apply as far as blending goes. The one problem with multiple layers of these thicker inks is that the paper can reach a super saturation and, as you're trying to apply a given color, you'll find that it's not only not adhering to the paper but it might be pulling *off* ink that you've already applied. There's a simple remedy to this in that you can semi-heat set the card which will evaporate some of the moisture content and will allow for additional tones of ink. What I usually do is to use the thicker layers of ink on the bottom 2 or 3 layers of colors and then I'll use my thinner layers of ink over the top of them. In my case, the thicker layers would be something like Ranger or those Memento inks and then I'll use something like Marvy or Vivid brand colors over the top of them. I don't always adhere to this as I'll often use additional thicker colors on the top layers of inks but I just have to wait a little in between coats to allow for a little drying time.

That's my take on ink/paper combinations. Now there's this other glossy paper that I've tried that's available in Australia. I think it's Indonesian. It's super thick and very very coated. Beautiful to work on but after a couple layers of ink it doesn't allow for much ink transference so you really have to allow inks to set up longer before applying additional coats or you'll have to heat set.

Bottom line is to experiment. Experiment and spray. ~K