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Since I spent a goodly amount of money on the Japanese screw punch ($83.76 after tax, license & emissions ), I've decided to retain my hammer & setter. A person can buy the Japanese screw punch piecemail for the most part, but I decided to go with the full meal deal. I did look at the one by Martha Stewart, but I really wanted the one with the wood handle. The one from Bonnie's Best comes with seven bits and a case. At least it was listed on the website with a case but not on my receipt. Ah, I'll figure it out one way or the other!

I want to do more eyelet setting so that I can make more more of these:

Until that video, I was under the impression that the hole in the body of the envelope has to be made after the envelope was glued together. Wow! What a relief when I found out that wasn't at all the case! Now I look for ways to put string enclosures on many of my craft projects! Of course, I'll have to wait for my Japanese hole punch to arrive...
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