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I've changed my mind on rubber images. Should all go according to planned, I'm eliminating cling foam. Yep. Elimination.

Since my original posting on page 1, I've found a product called Tack n Peel. I have had some of my rubber images slide off of their cling foam. I store my images flat as I've had nothing but problems with storing my images in binders. I've already peeled away one set of alphabet stamps. I didn't care for them being mounted on wood because it was too difficult too see where I wanted to place them.

So it's off to Tack n Peel land to see if it's really true what the product is supposed to do. Here's hoping.

P.S. I don't do acrylic or polymer images mostly due to frustration of them tearing, getting discolored and falling off of binder pages.
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