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Default Melted wax backgrounds

Some of you may know this technique, I learned it about a number of years ago at a stamp expo from a woman who said she'd been teaching it for something like 10 years. She also said the woman who taught her had been doing it for many years and called it an "old stampers techinique". I know there is someone who is teaching it now as her 'new' technique since she discovered it while playing around and she couldn't find ref to it online so she figured it was her discovery.'s a fun technique and I used it to make all my Ren atc's in my gallery.

You'll need;
An iron
A craft iron
scrap paper
card board
paper towels

Put your paper to be colored on the cardboard. Take a crayon and melt some of it directly onto your craft iron and press it on your paper kind of painting with it. Use as many colors as you want.

When you're done, place a piece of scrap paper over the good paper and iron it with the clothes iron.

Peel scrap paper away and wipe wax off of your good paper while it's still pretty warm. This should leave it so you can stamp on it. If you don't get all the wax off it won't take ink very well. You may have to repeat this step a number of times.


My craft iron is one of the ones that's about 2"x4" and it works, but the ones with the smaller iron surface really work better for this as it's easier for putting just a little dab of color between other colors.
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