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Originally Posted by stampin stacy View Post

You mean like don't limit your colors, see I was paying attention

I do need to get better about adding shadows though, I forget most times unless its very obvious.
Shadows are one of the most forgotten elements in stamping and it's understandable. It's hard to tell where to put them, what shape they would take for a given object, and what color to make them. I would have the same questions but I just fake it. At the base of most objects, I just put a darker color of whatever the base of the object is. If I have a tree in a field of green grass, I'll just use a darker green at the base of the tree. If a rock is coming out of blue water, I'll do a darker version of the blue water at the base of the rock. Most of my shadows aren't technically accurate as far as what I do with light but I don't really care either. I go for ease and it's effective enough.

These shadows anchor the objects to the surfaces and gives them solidity and opacity. In other words, the shadows state that light isn't penetrating the objects and shining right through them. They're fun to do and can be really subtle if we just start out with going slightly darker than the area around them and just build them up into darker colors accordingly (what looks "right" to your eye as far as how dark the shadows are looking).