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Originally Posted by Stampo View Post
Okay, I think you were talking about the spray GooGone and yes the spray on that sucks... however, the new spray gel goes right where you want it.
When I run out of this batch, I'll have to give the new gel spray a try.

Two more tips using GG: I poured the remainder of my quart bottle into a wide-mouth glass jar filled with floral marbles. When my scissors get gunked up, I just stick them into the marbles and let them soak in the jar. After a while, I just take 'em out and wipe them clean with a paper towel.

The other thing is that the foam paint brush with a drop of GG on it can be wiped up and down both sides of your scissors while cutting out foam cushion, and the foam-cushion of the paint brush serves as an abrasive, which helps get the gunk off better.
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