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Originally Posted by piecesandpom View Post
I think I have about 2/3rds of my stamps indexed.

I'm really going to have index my sentiment stamps. Lots of these are with the SUp sets and I don't want to break those up. I think if I index them I'll see where I have gaps - like needing a larger Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas than what I currently have. This will go in my 3 ring binder so I can reference things quickly.

I find that some stamps of my stamps are too trendy or just a fad and I'm slowly purging those.

Need to hit Stampo's store. Eldest is getting married next year and I'm not finding much I like for bridal shower or a wedding card!
Definitely hit Stampo's store. Another consideration is Rubber Romance stamps sold by I Brake For Stamps. I have one of their bridal stamps and I believe they have at least two more.
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