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Thank you Kevin for your wonderful reply. That helps me a lot. I have been thinking about the memento line for a while now as they do look promising to me too. I know what you mean about the Copic markers price point as I am on a fixed income so far. I am trying to make a little $ at my creative love since I have become disabled in the last year and want to stay at least a little active, well at least as busy as my body will alow! I really want the Copic markers and the air brush system and am thinking of asking for them for my b-day comming up(well at least a start on them) I was thinking you would really only need 24-36 colors as they are blendable, they are refilable and have replacement nibs. When you think about it they are a lot like a good stamp pad you have refilled over and over and they are more versitale. Thanks you again for your helpful words, keep up the wonderful work, your friend in stamping, Laura