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WOW, thank you so much Mr. Stampo, for all of the Birthday graphics. I hope they make people want to party all throughout 2018. 2018!!!! Where is time rushing?

Hello Everyone,

If you would like to party with the 2018 Birthday Group, please join in the fun. Please tell us you want to join in and tell us the month and day of your birthday. We do not need the year. All you have to do is send a card and ATC to each person on the birthday list. On your birthday, you will receive a card and ATC from each person in this birthday group. We have lots of fun, making each other smile. It is a year long commitment to celebrate with each person on the list. Come on, join us and feel free to tell your crafty friends. Everyone is welcome. I look forward to celebrating with you!!!

YAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! It looks like this party will not end. Come on everyone. This is a way to share our crafty skills and send happy mail throughout 2018. Please encourage your friends to join us. There is room for everyone.

Year Long Birthday Celebration for 2018!!!




Elayne - March 24th


Lady Kestrel - April 10th

CritterPortraits - April 17th




Yankee - July 4th

Stampo - July 7th


gamegirlaz d - Aug. 1st



Renee - Oct. 3rd

TracieMVP - Oct. 24th



Jaimie - Dec. 11th

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