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Hi there everybody! I have a massive collection of new / used stamps that I would be willing to sell for VERY low prices + shipping fees. There are over 1000 stamps in my collection, but I am currently trying to get rid of 200 or so. Taking pictures of everything is overwhelming, so here is an example shot of a table I have laid out, and a few boxes filled with the littler stamps. Almost all the stamps are mounted and in excellent - perfect condition. I will not be selling anything that would not be absolutely fresh and error free. The most stamped of the stamps for sale I have stamped only one or two times, as the stamps I regularly use are not for sale. Please don't get me wrong, these stamps are one of a kind now a days and would be nearly impossible to find easily for sale. The stamps are from a massive amount of major stamp companies such as "stampin' up" "rubber monger" "stampa Rosa" and much more (too much to count). If you would like to buy some of these stamps (photos are the links below), please contact me at
(Chriscanin03(at) space) for any sale requests, I will not be accepting trades of any kind. I am in Irvine in Southern California, and anybody is able to come by and check out everything I've got + more at another location! HAPPY Crafting!
I cannot actually post the pictures because this site does not allow me to post links yet. Please email me at the address above for a gallery of photos.
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