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Default There are many

Originally Posted by TheAfricanQueen View Post
My order for reinkers just came in today's mail. Now I'm looking for tips and techniques for using these lovelies.

I'd love to hear what your favorite tip/technique is!
Backgrounds are so much fun and each one can show your creativity and no two cards will ever look the same. Shaving cream/marble is great for a rainy day. Porous sponges are wonderful to dab(especially on glossy card) when you just put a drop of several colors on your craft sheet. Stamps that have bold lines,embossed, make great work surfaces with diluted or full strength inks.
The inks are important as to kinds. Water based seem to work better when working with the marble background(several drops in a box,roll around the marbles.In lid afix card stock with just a bit of adhesive, flip box over and roll and shake from side to side. I have tried chalk reinkers and while they work it is not as nice as plain water based.
You will never run out of ideas(or coloring supplies) as long as you have reinkers on hand!
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