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There are definitely grades of quality for clear stamps. Photopolymer are the ones that will give the best prints, and last very well. I have photopolymers I've been using for 10 or so years and they are still fine. There are a lot of clear stamps that are not photopolymer, and generally, they feel jelly-like, squishy sort of stuff. I've had those go yellow and brittle. Generally, the cheaper the clear stamp, the poorer the quality will be. I like my red rubber too, and originally bought many wood mounted stamps.I also used to buy bare rubber and add the foam. Over recent years I've gone over to unmounteds, and am gradually removing the foam from all the stamps I bought years ago. Mainly because they take up so much less room. I've never found a problem with grey rubber- we have a company over here, Chocolate Baroque, all their stamps are grey rubber and the quality is amazing.
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