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stampin stacy
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forgot to mention:

Pre die cut card stock: in zip bags by category and in a basket on a shelf.

Ribbon: For shorter "bits" of ribbon I have a clear glass jar that I drop them into so I can see what I have when I need something in the smaller size.

For longer pieces of ribbon I took some toilet paper tubes, stuck a piece of double sided repositional tape down the length of it and then wound various strands ribbons on the tubes. I then stucked these in a plastic shoe box with a lid to keep them dust free.

For rolls of ribbon, I took a wire coat hanger and undid/unwound the top so I could slip the rolls onto the hanger. You can get a bunch of ribbon rolls onto a single coat hanger. I did this for wrapping paper ribbon too, especially handy for christmas ribbon which is stored away most the year. Just grab the hanger out of the back of the closet when that time of year comes around.
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