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Originally Posted by piecesandpom View Post
Lovely question Stacy! Can't wait for the answer.

I'm drawn to the use of darks in much of the Stampscapes gallery but am always intrigued by how the light or white pulls me in. How does the artist know when enough light or white is enough? (I'm always worried I may add too much and don't know when to stop!)
I forgot to answer your question here.

We really don't add in light but retain light by not shading in those areas. The way that I approach shading is to shade very incrementally so things develop relatively slow. Then, when I achieve a certain degree of contrast from my darkest areas to my lightest, I evaluate if I left too much light usually. If I did, I simply return to lighter tones and use those to darken the areas in question further.

But, never be afraid to add too much of anything. It's always better to go past the point of "enough". If we do, we'll usually know we have and we'll make a mental note and learn from that. I tell my classes (and I always remind myself) that I'd much rather see them go too far than to fear going over that point. When people are too conservative it might keep them from reaching that point where they know they've taken something as far as a piece should go. The apex. There are plenty of times that I take things farther than I think I should have --at that time-- but figuring out some solution often reveals an even better final piece anyway. ~K