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i dont have ms or any motor defect...but i have broke bones in all my limbs so i have a lot of metal in me and have had so many operations and have broken my i am in constant pain..bad fingers and hands get swollen stiff and i have a friend who has the huge big acrylic mount..( the mega mount ) and i could not use hurt too much..if you only had to do one background it is ok, but if you were to do it everyday or just for a few hrs too would feel the pain in your hands and fingers..thats what my friend who own it says too...the block is very large to handle it with only one hand...i dont like to work or do art with things that hurt becomes something i dont want to do..I also had a hard time getting the block to do an even coverage without constant watching..the stamps are the same size as the block..they are huge.., the rocking effect was causing it, its hard to get use to..i use my friends and i still cant get use to t...but i think maybe its just my pain...i am glad you felt it helped you..thats great..i hope you show us some of your work..also renee, i was meaning to ask you...what is Free it a game...?
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