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Glad to have you with us happygolucky2929!

Jenna has given some great information above!

Pearl Ex is made by Jacquard Products and you can find them at stamp stores or Hobby Lobby, Michaels etc. They are mica powders that have no adhesive in them, so if for instance, you painted them to your paper with a paint brush and water, when the water dried, the mica powder would brush away -- nothing in the product to adhere it to the cardstock. That is why you need to use some kind of adhesive when you apply Pear Ex to your paper (Jenna gave lots of ideas above). The spray starch in this technique acts as the adhesive.

There are other mica products that have the "adhesive" in the powder, such as Perfect Pearls (from Ranger) and because the adhesive is in the product, you can paint them on with water and when they dry they are set. Another very fun product!

BTW, you can use any of the mica powders in this technique, even if they have adhesive in them. I hope you will try the technique and share your art with us. This technique is super-easy and turns out very sparkly (which is very hard to capture on film!).
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