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Originally Posted by mopzsix View Post
Hello everyone..... alive and well here.... just wanted to let you know I am sending out 7 cards/ACT to those on the BIRTHDAY list..... if there were more game girl can you plz pm me with who .... I lost my list of those I sent to so I am sending to all 7..... hope to be on here more this year as we have a graduation and wedding this yr...... so invites and thank you s by the dozens....... we are doing well .... we had to shut down our lawn biz last fall....our taxi biz is doing great we have 2-15 passenger vans and are on the search for a mini van....having fun traveling all over.....

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement in your art work

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Thanks for the cute coffee ATC! MMMMM...think I'll have a cuppa.
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