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I used to buy the small calendars from Impress to attach to an acrylic photo frame with post-it-notes on the frame, a pen and a small notebook. These haven't sold well for me the last couple of years. I think folks that make yearly calendars are extremely talented. . .I don't have the patience for the stamping, coloring and putting it all together in an attractive package.

There are some calendars on Splitcoast that are free downloads, several sizes, but I don't have my supplies or act together enough to do those as I'm on a use what I have mode this year. I'm struggling to pull together an 8 X 8 calendar that was a scrapbooking pad. . .don't think I have enough paper to gussy up chipboard but I'll just have to see.

I haven't uploaded anything in an age but don't remember a size limit, gallery or album. But that may be because I always resize my scans. I got very close to the space limit at one point and had to delete some of my creations.
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