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Default Come travel the 'Ulanga' with me...

You may call it the Gallery. But for the purposes of this thread and those associated with it, I'm going to refer to it as the Ulanga.

What is the Ulanga, you may ask. Have you ever seen the 1950s movie The African Queen, featuring Humphrey Bogard and Katherine Hepburn? Many have wondered about my screen name and that is where it originated from.

So, how shall we venture down the Ulanga? The process may sound a bit involved, but it's to explore what our gallery here has to offer and to give some love to those who have posted their 'wares' there.

To start, click on the word 'Gallery'. It's just to the right of the vertical advertisement just a tad from the top and it's the second entry.

From the categories, choose Member Galleries.

You may choose as few as 12 thumbprints to view or as many as 24 per page. And you can choose how you want to sort them:
  • most active
  • date
  • views
  • alphabetical order

If that isn't your cup of tea, then you may want to choose a letter of the alphabet, which is in the upper middle of the screen betwixt and between 'view' and 'sort'.

Once you've made that determination, click on an image that appeals to you.

Should that artist have more in their gallery, more of their creations will appear (think Pinterest).

It's from this selection that I'd like for you to decide if that's something you'd like to have in your favorites folder. If it is, click 'favorites' and leave a comment.

If it isn't your 'gin', after all a thumbnail only gives us as idea of what we're looking at, then you may either use the arrow back button at the top left of your screen or you may choose to go on to another thumbnail by the same artist by clicking 'next image' on the upper righthand portion of the screen. You may also choose to go to a completely different artist.

It's completely up to you as to how few or how many you want to choose to place into your favorites folder because it will be there that you will determine whose creation you like the very best.

Opening two windows of RSC will help you to complete this next round. If you don't know how to use the link to cover the web address of the art you selected, then just cut and paste the web address in your post along with the name of the originator of the art.

As I see postings, I'll send either a pm or an email to each 'chosen' artist. You could say that I'm trying to unfreeze some of the chosen frozen.

The reason I'm doing this is to try to get a head of steam back into RSCs engine. I hope you will join me.

I'll begin...
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