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I always pre-stamp. Load the stamp up with ink and stamp it on some plain paper. That way I can see where I missed with the ink pad, and where I need to put more pressure. For bigger stamps I stand up -- when you stamp sitting you don't get even pressure no matter what type of stamp. My test sheets often become fodder for future projects.

I have some clear stamps change color and some not. I know there are different plastic formulas out there. Does anyone know about this?

But I do know that all the gray rubber stamps I've owned have been poor quality.

There is the issue of indexing for all stamps. With wood mount it's right there. The clear stamp sheets kind of work but I peel off the ones I like and will use and put them on my own heavy plastic sheets so no indexing (I give the rest away). Foam/cling mounted just don't have an index and my eyesight isn't good enough to get a real guess what's on the rubber.
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