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Most of my stamps are wood mounted, although I do have some clear and some on cling cushion. I find I don't use the cling and clear images nearly as often as the wood, probably because it takes more time to set them up to use. With the wood, I just pull out a drawer with a certain category, and everything I have is indexed right in front of me. My cling and clear stamps are stored either in a notebook or in a drawer with my raw rubber (that I plan to mount someday), and they're organized by company, not subject.

If I need precise placement of an image, I use my handy-dandy image placer, which is just a sheet of 5" x 6" clear plastic with a separate corner square. I stamp the image on a corner of the acrylic using the square to guide the stamp, move the image where I want it, put the square in place, take away the plastic, and stamp the image, again using the square as my guide.
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