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Default My Humble Opinion About Stamps

Everyone knows that I am really new to all things crafting. I purchase what I see other people using. I started out purchasing lots of rubber stamps on wood blocks. I liked them and didn't find them too difficult to work with except if I didn't stamp the image will. I couldn't go back over it and stamp it again like I can with the clear stamps. I also have found that it really is easier to line the stamps up, like letters in words, when I can see where they are as I place them on the paper. Yes it is very true that some stamps appear to be far better quality than others. I picked up a clear stamp in the past few months and it felt like jelly. It tore as I was taking it off the plastic sheet in the packaging. Again, I think some of the mass produced clear stamps are not necessarily out there for longevity. My wood block stamps seem to be better quality stamps for use, price, and longevity but the truth is that I do use wood, cling and clear stamps, depending on if I like the image and price.
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