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Default Rubber or Clear or Cling?

I'm going to stir the pot. Everyone's got opinions about this. Some stamp manufacturer's went with clear for cost and issues like easier storage and shipping. Clear alphabets are awesome since you can line up letters and make your own words. But I'm an old fashioned wood mounted, quality rubber, quality foam, deeply etched, carefully worked images, closely trimmed, kind of person. I hate cheap stamps. Foam stamps make me crazy. Cling stamps are 50/50 since half of the ones out there are thin, cheap and untrimmed.

What about you? Do you have a preference? Are there reasons why you buy one type or the other when given the choice? Do you think certain imagery works better in one or the other? Here's your chance to sing praises or complain. Painters get to fuss over brushes (did you know that women are more likely to paint with round brushes while men pick flat?). So fuss about your stamps.
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