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Default Digi-stamps


As a business owner... I don't think I would ever sell digital stamps. There is too much opportunity for having images go viral. There is no way to protect your copyright and sharing the files among stamp groups and swappers is rampant. I think if you are a company who sells digital art you have to expect that you will lose many more sales than you will gain.

But as a stamper... I confess I do own a few digi stamps, mostly freebies, but I have 2 digi-stamps that I purchased from Mo Manning. I made the decision to buy the digital versions after I had already purchased the clear stamp version. I was expecting the stamps to be a much larger size (especially given the price) and I was so disappointed when I opened my package. I was glad to be able to buy the digital versions and be able to size them any size I want.

I will also say that since I have a business, I have laser printers and a copy machine. I can get waterproof, high quality images and I can run specialty cardstock and paper thru my copier.

People get so hung up on the name of calling them digital stamps but that is what they are named and the name has stuck. I think the original reason they coined that phrase is because there is a "stamp" option on programs like photoshop. I think another reason is to market them to a new audience...the paper crafter. Clip art to me evokes out dated "dover" stock art and gigantic software bundles. I think the digi-stamp peddlers are trying to come off as something new and exciting.

As an artist I can appreciate the pros of digi stamps. I have said it before I have never met a stamp I didn't like. If I like an image I will buy it no matter if it is clear, digital, cling mounted, wood mounted or unmounted. I love to stamp and create and I love all the tools I can use to do so )

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