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As consumers of rubber stamps it have finally reached a point where someone has to speak up. We all tend to buy more stamps then we need or can afford but isn't there some responsibility of the companies we buy from to have a heart and some ecological consciousness?
It is my belief that each of us needs to be personally responsible for our choices. If anyone is buying more stamps than they need or can afford (and many do), they must reset their priorities. Any business, including stamp companies, exists to make money for their owners and employees. It is not their responsibility to help us stay within our budgets and make smart choices and it is not up to any of us to dictate what products a company should or should not carry. That's what free enterprise is all about. Everyone is free to support those companies we feel reflect our point of view and not buy from those which do not meet our standards. If enough people choose not to buy from a company, that company will either change or go out of business. No lists are needed.

I see from your post that you apparently live in Australia and I suspect things cost a great deal more for you because of postage charges. Wood mounts are obviously more expensive than cling mounts and clear stamps, and while I can sympathize, that is simply an unfortunate fact for you. But each of us has those kinds of difficulties to face whether it be about stamps or something else.
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