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stampin stacy
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There is a market for all types, mounted, unmounted, clear and digital. You should not be dictating what the consumer wants, I like what I like and nobody is going to tell me what I want, except me. In such tough economic times companies must diversify and appeal to any & all markets that can get them business.

I'm sorry if you are have purchased too many stamps or are jealous of others who are still buying but you sound like someone who is bored and looking to start something just for the fun of it to me. This is a community of stampers who support each other and are nice to everyone. We do not go around flaming anyone, consumer or vendor.

All of our vendors have been extremely generous to us, sharing their knowledge and experience, participating in the challenges and our virtual conventions. I for one appreciate them and want to take this moment to thank them and tell them they are awesome.

Thank you to all our vendor members, keep doing such a great job of offering a variety of stamp products.
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