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Default "A" list for rubber stamp companies

As consumers of rubber stamps it have finally reached a point where someone has to speak up. We all tend to buy more stamps then we need or can afford but isn't there some responsibility of the companies we buy from to have a heart and some ecological consciousness?

With this in mind I have written down some thoughts on the subject and invite comment and new input, such as the companies you think should be on the "A" list.

I think we should craft a declaration of an "A" list of rubber stamp companies that deserve our first consideration in buying their stamps:

The "A" List: is based on:

1. A "choice" of unmounted, cling mounted and wood for the Stamps we want like the company
Impressionm Obsession.
2. Beeswax and StampFrancisco are on the "A" list because they are unmounted and of course have great images.

The "B" list would consist of companies like::
Hero Arts because although they are up and coming with their new cling stamps they reserve some of their nicest stamps such as "silhouette ivy" and "three ferns " for wood only. Kind of weird.

"C" list are companies that are only wood and won't bend on the subject.

It is like the Circle of Trust. The companies that care about our money situation, the excess in mailing charges that are incurred as well by shipping wood stamps are outside our "Circle of Must" as in must have.
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