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That's so nice of you to say Kevin! I think a lot of it has to do with the way people think. For me, scenes come easily but sitting down and trying to make a collage....forget it. I have to have everything neat and in it's place.

I have a few tricks I use to make it easier to create a scene. One is not to start out with just one piece of paper. I usually start out with 5 or 6 so I feel more secure that I can play and not "screw up" that one sheet of paper. I start with a scene in my mind and try and stamp any foreground stamps first, mask those and then stamp next "layer". If I mess up and smear one of the images, I still have those other 4 or 5 to work off of.

For those that have never done any scenic stamping, I recommend stamping all the images on a scrap piece of paper, cutting them out and then moving them around to get a feel of what you want your finished product to look like. When I do this I often end up changing my mind about a particular image and substituting it for something else so it really is helpful. Scenic stamping really isn't as hard as it may seem to those that haven't done it before. I find it very relaxing and often picture myself in that scene while I'm creating it.

I still remember one of my very first scenes. It was using the waterfall stamp that your drew for ASITH. I saved that scene and it's somewhere in our moving boxes. I think you were a great influence on me Kevin. Thanks for that.
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