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Originally Posted by blue5ft3 View Post
The homeowners covered NOTHING for my stamps talk about hitting below the beld , ebay sellers as a rule don't send you a receipt because they don't want to pay taxes etc.

The oxygen, yes I have a portable that does not last long on 4 to 5 litres and I have RA and Fibro so they are really hard for me to carry and some days even just to walk, my husband has to take me and he's got a 75 mile to and from work drive and so much to do weekends. I guess they got me when I was in the hospital for 11 days that last time, 8 the time before that or 4 previously, on and on, I had not checked the storage stamp room I was laid up for so long and the windows were unlocked. They wanted a picture, receipt and value for each stamp. These people carried out whole Iris cards, emptied containers or just took them with them and even my husband was dumbounded at the sheer volume of what they took Imagine my surprise when I went on ebay and online, the only way I can shop and found my beloved stamps that I USED were now valuable how would I know? OUCH so I will be able to pick up one or two here or there I guess.

Any advice for someone housebound and the visiting nurses dumped me and did not do the work the pulmonary Dr. and my primary care doctor ordered as well and BOTH of them ordering the social worker to see how my quality of life could be improved other than sitting home alone for so long now with no one to see but my DH and no way to get out. Thanks D
This old post caught my eye.
Any update on your situation, if you still visit this forum? Take care, Nerys.
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