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Question card inside cancer patient

Help I need some opinions, please!

We just found out our new neighbor has lung cancer and has begun kemo treatments. I get the feeling that he isn't really expected to make it, he has done kemo before -2 years ago.

I have made a card but am stuck as to what stamp to use on the inside of the card. We don't know them very well yet so my friendship stamps are out. Here are the options I've come up with so far:

1) Simplicity -order, calm & clarity. It soothes the soul and reaches for elegance

2) Wishing you sunny days ahead - may be too cutsie it is in a square design with flowers also.

3) each day brings it's own joy

4) Thinking of you - large print, simple but is it enough?

5) write my own on the computer, but what would I say

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