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Originally Posted by stitchinwitch View Post
I'm cheap so I would just leave them in hot water for a while and then rub the glue off
I don't even bother with the hot water! While I usually use my thumbs & rub away while watching TV, I have used a Pampered Chef teflon pot scrubber (they're, square & brown with some of the corners rounded) when my thumb need a break. I did use UnDu when I was unmounting a gazillion stamps & the adhesive on a few didn't want to let go, but the majority of the stamps just peeled off with a little picking around the edges until I found the 'loose' spot.

I do leave anything mounted with the red foam on wood alone. The adhesive used with that foam (rubber cement?) is so strong that to remove the rubber either peels the foam (leaving a layer of foam on the rubber that doesn't come off easily) or one risks ruining the rubber (by stretching) long before it can be removed from the foam. UnDu doesn't work, I tried. Meer Images & ABC Wizard both mount their stamps this way & they do such a beautiful job of it with the way they index the wood & trim everything that I leave them as is.
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