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Originally Posted by TheAfricanQueen View Post
Remember interoffice envelopes? I loved those! The little string closures have had me hooked for years. CD holders sound interesting. Did they hold just a single CD or did you make them so they would hold more?
We still use

I made them for a swap years and years ago...I just created my own template that could hold 1 or 2 cds or other thin stuff. You could definitely use the closure on other items. I used floss (the one for cross-stitch), since it was before baker's twine became a I don't think I had the Japanese drill yet, but I did use the hammer/setter to add the eyelets. Pretty much the same concept as in the video, except I attached the floss by tying it around the top eyelet first, then setting it...not sure if that makes sense.

the sandwich was: eyelet, floss (knotted around eyelet), top flap - then set eyelet (this would hold the floss in place)

I would also add another piece of punched out cardstock to the backside of the eyelet to keep it from scratching whatever was placed inside.
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