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I have the Japanese hole punch and it's one of my favorite tools. It does cut through heavyweight chipboard really well, but I haven't tried thin metal. You definitely need to make sure you have a self-healing mat or something you don't mind having holes underneath to protect your work surface. The first time I used this, I didn't and ended up cutting through the tablecloth It does not set eyelets, but the tips are interchangeable (other tips may be sold separately) if you need different sized holes.

The original version is a bit pricey, but I feel totally worth it. The thing with some of the cheaper ones is that it comes with multiple tip sizes (on

I purchased the drill alone from bonnie's best art tools years ago and it still works well. It looks like she sells it by the set only now:

There's also this screw hole punch from docrafts that has a space in the handle to hole extra tips, which is really convenient: .
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