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I was cutting rubber already, so I smeared the inks onto the back of the EZ mount sheet. (Thanks Cheryl) Spritzed w/ H2o Put paper down ontop, applied only alittle pressure here & there, let it sit there a few minutes, Lifted it off, working quickly,I used a sponge w/ bleach & gently squeezed bleach onto the paper here & there,( some parts of the paper were wetter then others, hence the long faded spots) laid a paper towel ontop to absorb some of the bleach,wetness & quickly used a heat gun to stop the bleaching. The 1st picture I used more bleach & alot faded out- The 2nd/3rd I applied smaller dropplets of bleach & further away from each other. The 3rd I slide the paper towel off instead of lifting it. I like that one the best. I didn't even get close to yours, but I'm sure once I find the mister it will blend better like yours.. but I had fun & I can definatly used them for some background
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