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Don 08-17-2014 05:44 PM

Easy Christmas Cards
Easy-peasy cards: crop the face off cards you got last year and adhere them your card blanks. You can send them to the people on your list who don't appreciate your hand made cards.

TheAfricanQueen 08-17-2014 07:20 PM

Or just use some Crayola crayons and do make either a star or a Christmas tree. Why waste good adhesive? :D

GameGirlAZ D 08-18-2014 06:24 AM

I am not sure if you are serious or not but since Christmas is the only time of the year that many people don't get all twisted because they are sent something clearly expressing JESUS, His Birth, Jesus as the most perfect gift, Jesus being the only valid reason for the Christmas season, and the fact that Jesus' only reason for being born was to bridge the gap between man and God, I will send the most thorough Scriptural messages on as beautiful cards that I can find or make. No joke, as out of control as things are in our wonderful world, the message of Christ really is a message of life and death, whether your hope is locked in the New or Old Testaments. Concealed or revealed, the message is vital, the card cover can be blank.

Renee 08-18-2014 02:22 PM

I'm with you, GameGirl!

Lady Kestrel 08-18-2014 06:57 PM

I recycle my old Christmas cards as tags and package decorations. I haven't had it happen yet, but if someone complained about one of my homemade cards, I just wouldn't bother next time.

I know the reason for the season and so do my family and friends, but I prefer to express my light-hearted silly side when making my Christmas cards.

piecesandpom 08-19-2014 03:54 PM

I'm in the middle of deciding what to make for the church holiday fair. Believe it or not, my 'religious' cards don't sell except for those that show NE church scenes.

I am trying turn a lot of my cards from my monthly stamp club into holiday cards as well as thinking of you, birthday and sympathy cards.

I'm making tea dispensers, calendars and am about to try fabric stamping to see if those will sell. Also, if I can swing it, really want to try making luminaries with battery-operated tea or votive lights. I have several altered boxes started but am having a difficult time finding the velvet or suede paper I used to get at my LSS. There are days I don't like online shopping as it's too easy to get carried away.

Lady Kestrel 08-19-2014 10:59 PM

Do you make your own calendars, Karen? I usually use the blank ones from 100 Proof Press, but I don't think they're making them this year.

Don 08-20-2014 05:38 PM

I posted a pic of my easy Christmas cards in the gallery.

What is the difference between gallery and album?

TheAfricanQueen 08-20-2014 08:20 PM

A gallery has more than just your creations. Whereas an album is only your creations.

Don 08-21-2014 06:17 PM

I see the size allowed is smaller in an album than in the gallery.

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