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Elayne 05-11-2016 08:14 AM

How come we have so many ATC swaps and not card swaps?

Stampo 05-11-2016 03:34 PM


TheAfricanQueen 05-12-2016 04:30 PM

For about every card I can make, I can make two to three ATCs if I cut them right.

Elayne 05-12-2016 04:37 PM

I have so many ATCs that I'm starting to use them as card fronts, I really prefer making cards that I can actually use and not just save them or use them for fronts. Its easier to personalize a card than an ATC. I guess its just me.

Don 05-12-2016 04:57 PM

I make tons of ATC's. I have 3 local swaps and some online swaps. I also simply give away ATC's to people who give good service; today a clerk @ HL, and a waitress @ dinner.

Yankee 05-14-2016 05:02 PM

I do both cards and Atcs. Two years ago I found a local group that trades cards, and got back into card making. I like to do both.
But trading cards in a big swap like we do with Atcs would be too costly for me.
I like the challenge of trying to make an idea on a small space. I try to do it without words, but sometime it isn't possible. I think if you do it correctly words are not needed.
You can make a statement without words.
But that is me and my nickels worth, sorry.

Elayne 05-14-2016 05:33 PM

Sometimes cards can be costly to mail if they have a lot of embellishment, so I get that part. In the birthday swap we send cards as well as the ATC;s and its the same price.
I do like having to make art on a smaller scale and not having to use words, mainly cause I like seeing new techniques and having to think out of the box.

I was just curious.

Lady Kestrel 05-24-2016 10:03 AM

I enjoy making cards, too, but they're mostly just one off. I find, even with ATCs, that I often don't have enough materials to make 8 or 9 and have to compromise or change my idea. That's also why I like Critter's "choose your own theme" swap. It allows me to use my one-of-a-kind embellishments.

Elayne 05-24-2016 03:17 PM

I agree about Critters ATC swap, I don't have as many stamps as most people so its nice that I can use any materials I want.

As far as card swaps go, the ones I'm in on are 'one on one', you only send to your designated partner. I quit SPC card swaps cause it was boring to make 10 of the same cards, altho you got 10 different ones back and that was fun.

Yankee 05-24-2016 04:21 PM

I belong to a local card group and make six of each card once a month. They don't have to be exact, just similar. I have been part of the for two years and I think my skills have improved. I just love to create. And no postage involved, just drive them to one lady's house and she parcels them out.
But I really need to get back to scrapbooking, I am several years behind of my grandsons.

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