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TheAfricanQueen 07-17-2013 03:14 PM

Distress Inks
I've been doing some major card making since the beginning of this year. When I run into a 'snag' for an idea, I usually go to Google and am able to locate something of interest.

Since I am the type that usually makes a limited edition of my cards, that meaning one and that's it, I'm almost always on the lookout for new ideas.

I'm currently making a card for a friend of ours. Of course, it's harder than usual because I need a masculine theme. And since our friend is getting on in years, I've decided to do a vintage theme. Plus, over on the 'stop me!' thread, there's been lots of talk about DIs (distress inks).

During my local perusal of Google, I happened upon something called Thinking Inking. Perhaps you've heard of it and then again, perhaps you haven't. I don't know that I've ran into anything quite like it before. It's a series of classes involving DI and Hero Arts.

I think it was Fab who had said that she was thinking of using some of her wax paper dies as a mask. When I saw the part that starts at 5:30, I was thinking of you Fab! The only thing I don't know it how you would adhere the wax mask to the paper...

Class 1 or 5:30

As I go through each class, I'll post it here and hope that you will enjoy them as much as I am!

I really like the block stamping technique and hope to be able to use it in the card I'm making. Not too long ago, I gave away a pad of watercolor paper but I think I still have a piece to play with. The ink bleeding technique also has me enthralled. Love how she used the half pearls to decorate the trees.

Class 2

Class 2, Wk 2: Embossing Powders - love the idea of embossing buttons and Thickers (only wish I had seen this tutorial prior to making my latest grad card)

Just finished Class 3. Lots and lots of ideas!

Wk 3 Distress Inks

Class 4 - I only wish she would have covered how to remove the acrylic paint from the stamps.

Class 5: Alcohol Inks : the glass bulbs are particularly interesting. I think it was Stampin' Stacy that talked about making these a while back.

Lady Kestrel 07-18-2013 09:50 AM

She is a very good teacher, Roberta. I did a card with the resist technique in a local class last year, and it is fun to do. Unfortunately, I don't have a sample because I've already used the card. I've also used my craft mat and water to do backgrounds.

A very nice DI color to use is milled lavendar. It gives a subdued tone to the edges of old-fashioned portraits and is pretty when you want a soft greyish evening sky look.

Regarding the acrylic paint, just washing it off before it dries on the stamp is the best way to clean them.

TheAfricanQueen 07-18-2013 03:07 PM

I do like her teaching method. It's very to-the-point. Thank you for the tip on milled lavender and the acrylic paint.

fab 07-18-2013 04:27 PM

I will try to watch some of her videos later. Had to take time to see doctors today.

lylacfey 07-19-2013 12:26 AM

Fab I hope all went well at the doctor's.

I was looking up something last night and I ran into her videos too. I haven't watched them yet. She does look like she has a good series.

stampin stacy 07-19-2013 06:10 AM

I'll second the well wishes with your latest dr appt Fab. It is very nerve wreaking every time you go. Deep breaths!!

I hope to have time to watch the videos later today. I have never used alcohol inks so it wasn't me AQ. I'm afraid I'd get them everywhere and ruin everything in sight, lol.

TheAfricanQueen 07-19-2013 07:47 AM

Perhaps it was Deb Lovett. Anyone heard from her? I've not seen her around for a while.

fab 07-19-2013 10:38 AM

I used to see Deb on the technique pages mostly but not in a while.

I decided to go watch the first 3 beginner technique videos first for the DIs. Got a lot of help there as I am still a newbie with these inks.

The first doctor had not gotten back all the test results yet so I have more follow up to do with a bone scan and mamogram (all left overs from the breast cancer I am being seen for). The second was at urgent care for a mouth sore and gave me a drug that knocked me out last night. Best night's sleep in a long time.

TheAfricanQueen 07-19-2013 03:34 PM

Here's hoping that the scan and mammogram come back with no news to report.

fab 07-19-2013 03:54 PM

Well, I finally got them both sceduled today.

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