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StampingAndrea 02-02-2013 09:28 PM

Storage and Mounting ?? Overwhelmed!!!
So today I decided I was going to stay home and work on reviving my craft room which has been sooo neglected.

I have been stamping probably about 3 years now. I first started with stamping up, but soon discovered there is soooo much more out there.

But here comes the overwhelmed part, I have now accumulated soooooooooo many unmounted uncushioned stamps. I just started buying ( confirmed shopaholic) without spending much time organizing them mounting them or using most of them... There are a few specific ones I especially feel in love with when I seen them and I cushion and wood mounted them. But this seems like a really long process for what I have.

When I first started buying the "just rubber" I found a huge roll of cushion on ebay. I bought that, but then realized storing that much wood mounted would be impossible... So then I ordered just the cling stuff. so use my big roll or cushion then stick the cling to it, ,, long and hard way of doing it I am finding.

So after building that clock, I am just wondering am I wasting time mounting stamps I may never use. How do you guys store your rubber. and what methods do you use when ready to use a stamp?

Help and advice would be much appreciated. Right now I feel up to my elbows in rubber, ( not a bad thing once I start digging in and seeing the awesomness. BUT taking sooooooo long when I would rather be stamping then sorting/ mounting / cutting.

stampin stacy 02-03-2013 06:39 AM

These are some of THE million dollar questions for stampers, LOL.

I do not mount onto wood but I have not unmounted the ones I purchased that way either. My collection of wood mounted is fairly small though and I occasionally ENJOY taking one of the out of the drawer and using it. There is something special about using a wood mounted stamp, maybe itís because it reminds me of the "early days" of my stamping endeavors, lol.

I have used the cling mount for some stamps, especially nice for larger/detailed stamps but for the most part I us a product called Aleene"s Tack It Over. It is quicker in a way except for the let it dry part but you can do a bunch of stamps at one time such as after a stamp convention. You can find it with other glue products at most box stores. It is a repositionable glue and all you do is coat the back side of the stamp with a thin layer and let dry. After it has dried I stick it to my hand, arm, jeans or something once to get rid of some of the tackiness and then store the stamps in standard not slim size cd cases. For larger stamps that don't fit into a case I used zip bags that are the same width but taller that cd cases and a piece of glossy cardstock. Do not use photo paper it has chemicals in it that are not good for the glue or your rubber stamps.

stampin stacy 02-03-2013 06:44 AM

Here is a link to an old thread about the same subject and there are many more if you want to do a search, it is the 3rd to the last option on the rustish brown options bar above.

fab 02-03-2013 08:19 AM

Sometimes I just need quick and easy so I stick some temporary double sided tape on an acrylic block and stick the UM to that. Be sure you have a good surface beneath your work (I like a newsprint pad of paper) and just ink it up and stamp. You can peel this off the block later and toss in water with a bit of simple green. Dry it off and its ready to go. I used to use the Aleen's Tack it over but they fell off the storage sheets after a while.

chococat 02-03-2013 12:28 PM

This is an ongoing problem for me:eek:

Over the past year or so, I purchased a bunch of Sweet Pea Stamps (just rubber). Since they're one company, I placed them in ziploc gallon or quart bags by artist, then in alphabetical order (by stamp title). I have these stored in a plastic sterilite container. I also planned to stamp the images out in a sketch book, so I can look through that to find the images I want rather than digging throught the bags. I haven't done that yet and honestly, I've been procrastinating because it's going to take a while to do that. I made one of those books early on when my stamps would fit in a shoebox and it was helpful, but dang, I have way more than a shoebox now:shock: Almost forgot, I also use these plastic cases, which I purchased from Daiso or other Japanese-type dollar store. They are a perfect height for storing wood-mounted stamps (except Magenta).

As for my other stamps, I purged most of my clear stamps and keep most of the remaining in a photobox. Some, I keep with the artist if I have a bunch from that person. I also went through my wood mounted and kept only the ones I loved or really liked and knew I couldn't replace easily. Then, I organized these by company or theme (i.e. kept most of the SU in one box and have two small containers that are food and alphabet themed). I do need to reorganize because this is not the greatest system, but right now as long as the stamps aren't on the floor, I'm counting it as a success:rolleyes:

For stamping, I use Tack 'n Peel, double-sided tape or my mono. I didn't have much luck with the Tack-it-Over as it would peel off the block when I pulled the rubber off (could have been user error:confusion:). Tack 'n Peel is kind of pricey, but I use a coupon to get it. It can be cut to fit your acrylic block and cleaned when it's no longer tacky (like clear stamps - use water and dishwashing soap). I haven't put it on all my blocks because I still use the blocks with clear stamps. For convenience, I have just run my mono on the block and stuck the rubber on.

I have really come to dislike the easy mount foam (maybe it's the ones I have). Over time, it slides off the stamp and leaves a sticky residue. Sliding the foam back into place doesn't always work. Also, some residue is easy to remove and others are a total :swear: ...I've just come to the point that I prefer bare rubber or wood mount.

Oh wow, didn't expect to write that much, but to summarize:

1) Storage - ziploc bags, clear containers with lids, bankers boxes, plastic containers, photoboxes.
2) Category - theme, company, artist, and/or type (rubber, clear, wood)
3) How to stamp - acrylic block with Tack 'n peel, mono adhesive or double-sided tape
4) Easy mount foam - JUST SAY NO:swear:

5) Start small - maybe group them by company first, then work your way through each group weeding it down: start a KEEP, DONATE and NOT SURE/MAYBE pile
* Do you love it? (I've kept some images just because I love them even if I hardly use them)
* Have you used them or plan to use them?
* Do you have stamps with similar images (i.e. 3 pears - which one are you most likely to use)?
6) A lot of times, your tastes may have changed over the years, so something you loved back then just isn't to your taste now.
7) Let it go if it's not something you will use or love, even if it was given to you by a friend or loved one (I had a hard time letting go some things because it was a gift).
8) Take your time - it doesn't need to be all organized in one day
9) Once organized, you could stamp them into a sketch book so you can flip through that instead of hunting through the box (this may take more time and trouble than it's worth - really up to you)

WHEW! Congrats if you made it through that and GOOD LUCK with organizing:clap:

P.S. I keep the ones I love and go to a lot in a separate container within easy reach and view.

dnelsong 02-03-2013 04:24 PM

My system relies on easy mount cling foam. It's what I settled on after trying a few systems. I like wood mounted, I enjoy using them, but they take so much storage space and they cost more than bare rubber I store the cling foam mounted rubber in 3-ring binder notebooks on storage sheets meant for that purpose arranged by topic. I've found when it comes to cling foam, you get what you pay for. I buy "name brand" rather than generic and have not had any problems at all (and I've been using cling foam for years). I tried the Aleene's glue route, but glue peeled off too often. I have two acrylic mounts that have Tack n' Peel on them that I use with rubber I'm impatient to use but that has not yet had cling foam applied. I prefer the cushion on the cling foam. I know you can use a cushion under the paper when you use bare rubber and Tack n' Peel, but I guess I got used to the cling foam. I think it may be a matter of preference. I don't think there is any one best way. Enjoy! Debra

StampingAndrea 02-03-2013 05:14 PM

Thanks for the great suggestions. I think the #1 thing I need to do is clear out.. I have so many I will prob never use. That and stop buying LOL but we will see how that goes. The current Viva Las Vegastamps sale is so tempting every time I get online,

fab 02-03-2013 06:53 PM

Yeah, that sale is nipping at my nose too.

chococat 02-03-2013 08:36 PM

It's so's a great sale to get things on my wishlist too:p

stampin stacy 02-04-2013 05:59 AM

My stamps are currently stored by company. I have considered changing to category but too many images fall under different categories and I just plain didn't want to have to figure all that out.

My notebook of images (also by company) was way behind but I finally got it caught up last fall. My next "mission" will be to create a 'By Category' notebook. Stamping an image several different places is much easier, sentiments especially can be used mulitiple ways. I have already started the new notebook, just haven't gotten very far. The holidays came along and derailed that mission. Time to jump back onto the tracks as it were, lol.

I have found if you don't let the Aleenes dry completely it will come off when you go to use the stamps, simple matter of reapplying it though. I think where you live and the climate/weather can make a huge difference on what mounting system works for you.

Another quick way to use it now and not wait for method I've used a lot is washable kids glue sticks.

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