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alma 08-05-2010 03:22 PM

To each their own, I say. Just keep on stamping. It's all I ask.

donnarie 08-12-2010 05:39 AM


Originally Posted by alma (Post 87054)
To each their own, I say. Just keep on stamping. It's all I ask.

I wholeheartedly agree!

I have all kinds of stamps, a few digital images, and I'll even draw my own designs if need be. It's ALL fun!

Renee 08-12-2010 07:46 AM

Completely right on, Stampo. I like the way you think. Have you ever considered running for public office?

Theresagram 08-13-2010 05:25 PM

I have 2 stamp companies on my A list who will not sell unmounted. Their reasons are their own and I respect that. I still buy from both of them, fewer than I could afford if they weren't mounted. But I wouldn't stop buying their awesome stamps just because they don't want to offer um.

As to the 'environmental' side of it.....How many trees died for your art?

I mean really, do any of us who make our atc's, cards and things have room to complain about a tree being killed for a block of wood when we use the amount of paper that we all use? Even if you use primarily or exclusively recycled paper, trees still died for it.

stmpstone 08-14-2010 09:57 AM

Stampo for President
I'd vote for you, even if you were born in Canada.

Hail to the chief!


Theresagram 08-14-2010 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by Stampo (Post 86725)
....we all have far more paper than we need.

You can never have too much paper! :clap:

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