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fab 03-11-2014 05:01 PM

Chris, the card that did come through here looks lovely. I hope we get to see more of your work.

Chris Baxevanis 03-11-2014 05:17 PM

I do not understand your message.
What do you mean it came through. It is Not posted.
The last card that was posted had dragonflies on it. The card I sent to you
is the same exact size as that one but it is not posted because it was not
You say "we hope to see more of your work" but how is that going to happen
if I am not able to post them?

fab 03-11-2014 09:27 PM

Chris, go look at Post # 19 on this thread. Is that your card? Your name is on the post.

XrayAmy 03-11-2014 10:51 PM

If the card size is 17kb and 389 x 286 which is what that attachment is, then you shouldn't have had a problem uploading to the gallery. If you can post it in a thread then you should be able to upload it to the gallery. Which gallery are you trying to upload to?

XrayAmy 03-11-2014 11:03 PM

I'm so confused. :lol: You have a bunch of cards in the gallery including nine done March 5th.

Chris Baxevanis 03-12-2014 06:14 AM

Yes, I know I have some cards posted in March.
However, even though I do exactly the same thing I am unable
to post more cards.
The reason I am given is "exceeds file size" and now I am told
"exceeds space limitations".
Try posting the card I sent you and you will see what I mean.
I tried resizing it to 300 x 300 pixels and it did not work.
Someone from this group told me to do 650 x 500 pixels and that did
not work.

XrayAmy 03-12-2014 11:10 AM

It looks like you have maxed out your gallery space. Everyone is allotted 5mb of space to use and some of your cards have pretty big file sizes so you burn through your allotted space much quicker. That is all explained in this thread:

Salvador 09-25-2018 12:49 AM

same problem when i try to upload picture the attachment error shown by the window whats the solution of this problem

fab 09-25-2018 10:44 AM

I think you will need at least 10 posts before you can upload anything. Check out the game room and post on some games. The rules are posted on the first post of each thread. Then go to the end of the thread to add your comment.

Try to upload photos after to posts.

DanielLee 09-30-2018 09:51 AM

[QUOTE=Chris Baxevanis;184839]I have not been able to upload a picture of my card.
Your site says......."imgoll.jpg (exceeds filesize limit"
The card is only 4" x 5 1/2".
I have posted many cards in the past and I do not know why I am having this problem.
If you can help me, I would appreciate it.

Record measure isn't the same as card measurements. Document measure is controlled by pixels. Take a gander at your record estimate by right tapping on the JPEG and picking properties. This should demonstrate the document estimate.

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