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Old 04-01-2010, 11:24 AM
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Default 2ed Quarter Technique Color Challange Tag

It's time to let you know the techniques for the 2ed Quarter Technique Color Challange Tags.

This quarter we will be using adhesives to create our tags.

April -- Glue Shredded Background
May -- Glue Resist
June -- rubber cement mask

This quarters colors will be: A/M/J--blue, jade, lime

Please review the previous year's guidelines for the tags size & shape. These have been planned as the most economical use of a piece of 8.5 x 11 card stock. If you need directions or a template please contact Inky Whiskers or myself. We are both very happy to get that information to you.

April Technique-- Glue Shredded Background

In celebration of the passing of April 15th (tax day in the U.S.)I thought this technique would be a fun & expressive one to do. The glue shredded background has a 3 dimensional effect so will look 'unfinished' to the uninspired eye.

If you have a paper shredder and use it a lot, you no doubt have lots of left over shreds of waste paper - waste not want not! I decided to use them in backgrounds to add a texture. You can use either the strip style or cross cut style shredder. But if you don't have one or want to use a hand cutter feel free.

Supply list:
wax paper, foil, plastic cutting board, something that is nonstick
& can protect your working surface.
card stock for base
a nice pile of assorted shredded 'recycled' paper
PVA glue (white school glue)
your choice of color media- paints, ink pads, reinkers, spray mists, powdered pearls, easter egg dyes whatever media you choose.

Step 1: Use cheap pva glue (white school glue) to stick the shreds to a base paper. Lay it on your background in a random pattern or spend the time to lay it in a pattern. It's up to you & your muse. You can let it dry or apply the color while wet.

And now for the FUN part - adding color! color your background with your selected media.Have fun, make a mess, celebrate the colors, what ever your muse inspires you to do. .

May technique-- Glue Resist

This time we are using cheap PVA Glue (white school glue) to create a resist area on our actual rubber stamped art so that when we smoosh color over the top our stamped images are left untouched by the background color!

Supplies list:

Colored Mat Card Stock
White PVA Glue
Embossing Heat Gun
4-6 Ink pads: Black & Brown needed for at least 2 of the stampings &
more to create other stampings & the backgrounds
Post It Notes
Kitchen Towels
Paint Brush


1. Repeat stamp background onto card stock with ink.

2. Repeat stamp a word background with ink

3. Now stamp a 3ed stamp onto the created background & stamp again onto posty note, making sure that you stamp close to the sticky strip on the reverse side of the posty. By stamping close to the sticky strip on the posty it allows you to use it on top of your stamped image on your background as a mask. Cut out closely to the inside edge of your mask, making it a bit smaller than the stamped image. Place over the stamped image on your card.

4. Over stamp a 4th stamp so it overlaps the masked 3th image

5.Heat set your card with your embossing heat tool to make sure your inks are properly dry or wait until you know all the inks are dry

6. Take your paint brush and carefully paint over the top of all your stamped images. You want a nice smooth thin coat of glue. You can also add accent to the card background as well if you wish - this is optional.

7. Heat set the glue to dry it or let it sit until you know the glue is dry.

8. Take 2-3 different pigment inkpads and smoosh them over your card stock. Don't be afraid of applying pressure and getting a good firm smooshing of ink.

9. Take your kitchen/toilet paper toweling and gently wipe across the areas where your glue is on the stamped images. As you do this you will notice that you are lifting off the ink from the stamped images and create a resist effect. The pale color of the card stock will be visible only where the actual glue is.

10. Heat set. Done.

June Technique-- rubber cement mask

glossy cs
ink pads/re-inkers [stazon, momento & versafine best for the stamping part.]
stamps, if you want them
makeup sponges
rubber cement or liquid frisket (costs more $$$)
wood bbq skewer
a cheap paint brush that will be tossed after wards
paper towels

Work in a vented area as rubber cement is rather smelly.

1. carefully apply liquid rubber cement to areas of glossy cs that you want to keep white. let dry.

2. apply lightest colors of ink & let dry.

3. apply rubber cement mask to areas of cs you want to keep as lightest color, let dry.

4. Repeat #3 with as many layers of color that you want, drying well between each addition of rubber cement.

5.rub off dry rubber cement when satisfied.

you can stamp & cover over all or part of the stamped image, making sure ink is dry before using the rubber cement. You can paint using a paintbrush or wood bbq skewer. If you find your rubber cement is too thick, it can be thinned using rubber cement thinner. don't try to thin using anything else, it has special properties that causes most other thinners to not work.
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Old 04-04-2010, 05:44 PM
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I think, Ann, that I am going to skip this quarter...I may play along silently, but just have too much on my plate at the moment to put my spirit and soul into these...thanks!!!

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