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Talking More Talkin'About Stamp Companies

Hello, hope all reading this are well and happy and thriving.
Just thought I'd pass on some information regarding a couple of Stamp Companies. (For those who don't know and who may be interested or looking to find out-as I sometimes am). ...anyway.... I received a post on my Facebook page a week or so ago saying that Coronado Island Stamps were closing down. Their website is still up, so please check this info on their Facebook page for a confirmation. I think things have been difficult and I wish her well. I have purchased many of their images and so many are particular favourites, that I use again and again. 'Sunset' is a particular one I use over and over....just so gorgeous and useful....another stamp of Whales jumping from the waves... and Reflections' by Sandra Jordan (whale dorsal fins above and reflected on the water) are some of my all time favourite and most used stamps. Truly beautiful. And naturally there are so many more that I still wished for. The company had some fabulous artists. I bought a couple of the Jerry Logan images and now wish I had more. I hope that some other company picks up the baton. If anyone ever hears about their designs being produced anywhere else please give a shout out.
Also, as Above The Mark is in the process of closing down I will let you know about a stamp on my wishlist that she carried and that I found elsewhere. I had bought a large order from Above The Mark...but there's always more and this was one on my list. I found it on Fran the Frantic Stamper website in her own Frantic Stamper Brand Cling Mounted Stamps. The particular stamp I was looking for is called Kissing Couple '. . I'd like to recommend this line of stamps to anyone who liked the vintage/art deco feel of many of the Above The Mark images. Above The Mark had exceptional images and though irreplaceable I consider this Frantic Stamper line very good too, especially the Ladies and People category that has many, many Erte' women. I'll add very quickly that I have nothing to do with the Company- I actually live in Australia- but have bought from her and can heartily recommend her service. It was so polite and exceptional.
It's cheerless regarding these stamp companies- I do buy and support from as many independents as I can, and own over 2,000 stamps, with huge wishlists everywhere, which I get to in turn,but I still feel so sad regarding these.
Speaking of sad, particularly for Australians reading this, Stamp World, a local Australian company who had wonderful, wonderful Australian images (including the gorgeousGumnut Babies),whitch are so very hard to find, is no longer making Art and Craft stamps. I wanted to buy some (more) and unfortunately was told they no longer manufacture mainly because of the swing to cheap polymer stamps imported from China. A problem in many areas sadly. It's a really great loss.
Now it's time again for all reading this to put their Lady Detective Hats on (and...your First Name is the name of your first pet and your last name will be the name of the street etc. you lived in as a child e.g. Biddy was my dog, Excelsior was the name of the street where I lived as a child, so Biddy Excelsior is my Lady Detective Name...)...and please solve the mystery for me of 'Toybox Art Stamps'. I have their catalogue (pdf downloaded) and I see examples of their images and work in many stamped articles....and that's it. Please let's know.
Cheers and a Big thanks
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