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Default options for looking at posts

Hi Amy,
Question/suggestion for you...

When I log in I often hit the "new posts" button to see what's been posted and what people are chatting about since last I visited the site. I see there is also an option under quick links to see "today's posts". I was wondering if it would be possible to have some other options for reviewing recent posts? Like maybe in addition to today's posts in quick links we could have the option to look at posts from the last 2,3,7, or 10 days?

That way if I take a quick read of what's new each day but want to sit down once a week and look at things in more detail, I could do that. (Or if I was away for a while, or got interrupted while reading the most recent posts I could still go back in a day or two and pull up new posts from the past few days or week, etc.) Otherwise I don't see a way to get a list of recently updated threads, would just have to go through the different parts of the bulletin board one by one and check dates I guess.

Just a thought...

Thanks for organizing this site, I'm really enjoying it!

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