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My system relies on easy mount cling foam. It's what I settled on after trying a few systems. I like wood mounted, I enjoy using them, but they take so much storage space and they cost more than bare rubber I store the cling foam mounted rubber in 3-ring binder notebooks on storage sheets meant for that purpose arranged by topic. I've found when it comes to cling foam, you get what you pay for. I buy "name brand" rather than generic and have not had any problems at all (and I've been using cling foam for years). I tried the Aleene's glue route, but glue peeled off too often. I have two acrylic mounts that have Tack n' Peel on them that I use with rubber I'm impatient to use but that has not yet had cling foam applied. I prefer the cushion on the cling foam. I know you can use a cushion under the paper when you use bare rubber and Tack n' Peel, but I guess I got used to the cling foam. I think it may be a matter of preference. I don't think there is any one best way. Enjoy! Debra
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