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These are some of THE million dollar questions for stampers, LOL.

I do not mount onto wood but I have not unmounted the ones I purchased that way either. My collection of wood mounted is fairly small though and I occasionally ENJOY taking one of the out of the drawer and using it. There is something special about using a wood mounted stamp, maybe itís because it reminds me of the "early days" of my stamping endeavors, lol.

I have used the cling mount for some stamps, especially nice for larger/detailed stamps but for the most part I us a product called Aleene"s Tack It Over. It is quicker in a way except for the let it dry part but you can do a bunch of stamps at one time such as after a stamp convention. You can find it with other glue products at most box stores. It is a repositionable glue and all you do is coat the back side of the stamp with a thin layer and let dry. After it has dried I stick it to my hand, arm, jeans or something once to get rid of some of the tackiness and then store the stamps in standard not slim size cd cases. For larger stamps that don't fit into a case I used zip bags that are the same width but taller that cd cases and a piece of glossy cardstock. Do not use photo paper it has chemicals in it that are not good for the glue or your rubber stamps.
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