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Default Unwanted/Unloved Items Swap 2016

Ever bought items for stamping that you never used, bought too much of or just lost interest in? Have you ever wondered what to do with all those items?

History: Rubbermadness introduced this Unwanteds/Unloved Items swap some years back. It started with Sassystamptress' and Inkkyjo's red rubber swaps.

Rules: This swap involves all items that are stamping/scrapbook related. If it's not rubberstamping/scrapbook related, please do not include it. What you swap is not based on value. What you receive may or may not be of equal value as to what you swap out. A medium flat rate box from the postal service is required for shipping. Either medium box will do as both carry the same amount of contents. No packing peanuts are to be used to fill voids.

I'm downsizing, once again, and have my medium sized priority box filled and sealed just waiting to be swapped out.

Signup is due by Friday, April 15th.

Anyone interested? Any questions?

1. Roberta aka TheAfricanQueen

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