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Default I'm a HALOS gal all the way!

WOW! What a score for you!!!

After trying several um mounting methods (I have a bordering phobia about the old cling mount system ), I discovered the HALOS (Hooked And Looped On Stamps) system for using my ums. It involves applying Velcro loop tape to the back of the rubber dies and using acrylic blocks with hook tape either in grooves or applyed in translucent sheets to one side of the block (This allows one to use cling mounted as well & only need one set of blocks). Here's the site for more info:

I had already invested in several Iris drawer units & didn't have space for more shelves when I went um, so this method allows me to store my stamps in labeled zip bags in labeled drawers. Before I put new images away I stamp them into my index binder that is arranged in catagories that correspond to the drawers and each zip bag has all the images from the same page in the binder. When I want an image & can't remember which drawer & bag it's in, I can look it up. Granted, I have a rather large collect of both mounted & unmount images and my binder is now a 4" D ring that is overfull (I really need to make the investment in a 6" binder soon ), but I started using this mounting system when my collection was much smaller & have no regrets.

To be fair...the ez-mount cling system is a great improvement over it's predecessor & if I had encountered it instead of the earlier version I might have gone with that instead.
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